340 Maclaren

The ELC Business Center is Ottawa’s newest venue for meetings and conferences. This beautifully renovated, state of the art facility is located right in the heart of Centertown. Each of our boardrooms are equipped with professional HD Videoconferencing and Simultaneous Interpretation. We have everything you need to host a successful, productive event.

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  • Four modern conference rooms with all A/V communications built right in
  • Completely wireless operation for a clean, comfortable environment
  • Multiple setup options including boardroom/theater/classroom style
  • Extra large HD displays for presentations or videoconferencing
  • Each room can be digitally connected to support larger groups
  • Extremely fast 5Ghz WI-FI

Conference Rooms

Boardroom B Feature

Conference Room A

  • 900 Square feet
  • Boardroom for up to 30 People
  • Theater style for up to 70 People
  • 4 HD Screens
  • 2 Videoconference cameras
Boardroom A feature

Conference Room B

  • 700 Square feet
  • Boardroom for up to 24 People
  • Theater style for up to 50 People
  • 4 HD Screens
  • 1 Video conference camera
Boardroom-C thumbnail

Conference Room C

  • 350 Square feet
  • Boardroom for up to 14 People
  • Theater style for up to 30 People
  • 2 HD screens
  • 1 Videoconference camera
Boardroom D Feature

Conference Room D

  • 600 Square feet
  • Boardroom for up to 20 People
  • Theater style for up to 45 People
  • 2 HD Screens
  • 1 Videoconference camera
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Our Services

HD Videoconferencing

Have a quick one-on-one with someone across the planet or broadcast your event for millions to watch. The ELC business center has the technology built right in to connect you to dozens of videoconferencing and streaming platforms including, Skype for Business, WebEx, YouTube and Facebook.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation is the fastest and most fluid way to communicate in multiple languages. The ELC Business Center was designed from the ground up to be a world class Simultaneous Interpretation Facility.

Professional Presentations

Great media is crucial to a successful meeting or presentation. Whether it’s Power Points, videos or social media feeds, great media makes content feel engaging. The ELC business center allows you to wirelessly beam content from your laptop to any or all screens.

Remote Interpretation

The ELC Business center is a complete Remote Interpretation Hub. We can incorporate remote interpretation into your off-site event and stream it to an Infrared wireless receiver or cellphone
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3 Large booths (3 person) for on-site or remote interpretation

1 Medium booth (2 person) for remote interpretation

  • Built with professional sound proofing materials.
  • Equipped with industry standard Bosch interpreter consoles
  • The highest standard of audio compression/limiting to ensure a safe experience
  • Custom lighting and temperature controls
  • Video monitors for presentations or remote interpretation feeds


ELC is a locally owned and operated A/V company servicing the Ottawa area for over 20 years. In that time, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring quality service and safety for both interpreters and clients. ELC pioneered the use of compressor/limiter equipment on all events with Simultaneous Interpretation. Now that interpretation is expanding more and more into online events, it’s become increasingly important to protect the ears of everyone involved.

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